Tackling Transitions

Every transition (employment, geographic, relational etc) is an opportunity for the disciple to hold the hand of Jesus that little bit tighter.

This ‘seeking the Kingdom first’ stuff is well worked out in times of transition by making sure the “how am I pursuing Jesus in this next season?” question is the one that is definitely answered, even when so many other things (accommodation, finance, friendships etc) are also pressing us with their legitimate queries.

At both the heart level, “I’m set on seeking the Kingdom”, and down to the to do list level “I’m reading the Bible In One Year reading with my morning cuppa” – our Kingdom quest means these are non-negotiables in the time of transition, even as everything else fluctuates.

It’s so tempting in transition to fudge the Jesus question.  To postpone it, and avoid the practical answers, because life’s logistics just seem too pressing.  I think this is a mistake.

When tackling transition, target the true prize, especially when tempted not to.  Let the other chips fall where they will, concentrate on the King, and you might just find the lines fall for you in pleasant places.


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