David’s Chords

A couple of weeks ago I attended a worship conference.  They set up a huge tent in the middle of a field and had bands lead people in sung worship for 72 hours straight. It was a remarkable event, and so helpful to spend a day focussed with eyes upward.

Every two hours they changed the band that were leading.  Around 6pm on the Saturday, a new band took on the baton.  After a very brief spoken introduction the guitarist strummed.  Something happened. I’ve been in a lot of meetings but I’ve never known anything quite like it.  I can only describe the shift in atmosphere as ‘positively spooky’.

As in it noticeably changed, in a dramatic, almost eerie way; yet it had none of the negative connotations those words might normally have.  It was special, like some truly wonderful and kind King had walked into the room.  I was undone.

I’m aware the above could be put down to many things – my psychological state; the weather; the burger I’d eaten for lunch, the chord.  Yet I’m also aware of a shepherd boy called David who had some sort of spiritual power on the playing of his instrument.

I want to encourage you disciple, even as the summer festivals aren’t as readily available, to push in on music as a key ally in your connection with the Lord day by day, and if you’re a musician to not only practice for technical skill, but also to pray for spiritual power.  Chords really can connect us with the King.

1 Samuel 16:23


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