Eat nothing and sing

As military strategies go – that’s shockingly awful isn’t it?!

Gather the troops, plot, send spies, retreat, negotiate, advance or a million other actions would surely be preferable to ‘eat nothing and sing’.

Except, perhaps, if there’s a real God called Yahweh who likes to get involved…

Feeling alarmed? A vast army against you? Facing a battle that you’re likely to lose?

Disciple, sometimes the prescription, as ludicrous as it may feel, is to stop trying to make something happen, crack out the guitar, and in an act of outrageous dependence – sing of His goodness with all that you got.

Praise may be followed by the most outrageous plunder, and you’ll be renaming your valley, ‘Berakah’ – the place I brought praise.

2 Chronicles 20


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