Discipleship at the level of our smartphones

If it’s not touching here, it’s probably not going deep enough… 10 questions that might spark some thought in this regard:

Would the apps on my phone pass a Philippians 4:8 audit?

Would I be comfortable passing my phone to the person one row in front of me at church, telling them the password, and saying, “hey, have a good look around”?

Do I too often ignore the people actually in front of me, in the service of my phone?

Have I made my smartphone an ally in the ongoing process of the renewal of my mind?

Can I switch this thing off, or am I too deeply dependent upon it?

When was the last time I did actually switch off from it?

Would I be ok with the content of my private messages being broadcast publicly?

Is the way I relate to this device helping, or harming, my prayer life?

Is this device saving me time, or sucking my time?

Am I storing poison on here?

Questions worth having a wrestle with.

Today disciple, do what’s necessary to make your phone your ally in your walk with Jesus.


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