The SAS Project

The SAS (Shadow & Shine) Project (of which 018 – Get Really Rich was the latest installment) is for me.

It’s the discipline of taking a commandment of Jesus, and really chewing it over, till I can spit it back out in 100 words.

I want my life to be profoundly shaped by the teachings of the Master, and so this is one tactic I’m using to try and get them through my head, to harass my heart and hopefully shape my soul.

Not a perfect tactic, but good enough to be a blessing.

If it benefits a few others – bonus.

Disciple, what’s your plan today for getting His teachings to actually direct your steps?


One thought on “The SAS Project”

  1. I wonder if a business idea of “lead measures” can help here? A lead measure is something which you can measure in advance that will help achieve the goal you want. A lag measure is something you can only measure afterwards. So if you want to be more generous, a lag measure would be checking how much you’ve given at the end of the month, measuring at the end of the week is just another lag measure but with a shorter distance. A lead measure might be “give money/a sandwich to one beggar a day.” Or “have (and pay for) a coffee break with a friend once a week.” Personally, I’ve been thinking about helping the homeless in my city again. I’m looking into groups I can help out with and I want to commit to one night a week. Even as I type this I know the inner resistance and procrastination is building up inside me. Please pray It doesn’t win (and ask me about it when we next chat 😉


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