Welcome & Weigh

Part of walking in wisdom is both welcoming and weighing advice from different sources.

Solomon, having had the wisdom of God directly downloaded to him, then made one of his first acts not telling others what to do but setting up a team of advisors.  Remarkable.

The voices he welcomed included:

The priest – “This is what the Lord requires…”

The accountant – “We can’t afford to do a, and still keep doing b…”

The administrator – “That isn’t actually going to work unless we also…

The record keeper – “well, this is where we’re at compared with 12 months, and a decade ago...”

The prophet – “Forget all that, this is what the Lord is saying…

The warrior – “Look, there’s a threat over here, and an opportunity over there.  Don’t forget we’re at war!

In every endeavour we have responsibility for, whether just our own lives, or something wider, we benefit immensely from welcoming these voices. We wrestle with the tensions, weigh it all up, decide on our course and commit it to the Lord.

It requires more time and humility then simply going with what we reckon, but much more likely to lead us on a better path.

1 Kings 4:1-6

H/T – Corley‘s 4 Chairs



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