I’m 33 years old.

On this day, August 10, in the year 258, a 33 year old disciple was martyred for defying the empire of his day.

A revival was happening in Rome, and the authorities were trying to clamp down on it.  They ordered Lawrence, who was the deacon in charge of church finances, to hand over all the church’s assets or face being killed along with all his colleagues.

He asked for three days to get everything together, which he then spent distributing all the church’s goods amongst the city’s poor.

When the moment came to hand over the assets to the state, he simply presented the the blind, poor, disabled, sick, elderly, widows and orphans with the assertion, “These are the treasures of the church!”

The authorities decided a simple beheading would be too soft an example to set in Lawrence’s case.  So they cooked him to death on a grid iron.

It’s alleged at one point during the ordeal he said to his executioners,

“you can turn me over, I’m done on this side.”

The setback served to really advance, and the revival in Rome continued to spread.

Today, I may already have the gallow’s humour, but I pray I’ll also have the steadfastness in suffering, concern for the poor, and conviction that 33 really isn’t a bad age to lay your life down in love.



Bible In One Year – August 8

Wikipedia – Lawrence of Rome


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