My steps are ordered

19 years ago I went to a Christian summer camp in Ledbury. I remember hearing the message of God’s love for us at one of the meetings.  Mark, who led the camp along with his wife Sarah, prayed for me and in some strange way at that moment, the gospel became not only true to me, but also relevant, important and liberating. It was a very significant stake in the ground in my walk with Jesus.

I stayed involved with the camp, which migrated from Ledbury to Ripon and changed leadership, over the next decade or so.

Last week I had the privilege of returning after another decade of not being directly involved. I was able to stand up at a meeting, give my testimony, and pray for many young lads in exactly the same manner Mark had prayed for me. It was a sweet week for me.

I then returned home and pitched up to church yesterday.  Who should walk in but Mark and Sara, along with their kids.  I was flabbergasted, having not seen them in years.

Everyday my steps are ordered.  Through detours, defeats and disasters, I know that Yahweh is with me, working for my good, and for the saving of many.

It’s extremely sweet though, when the curtains are pulled back a bit, and the ordering is so outrageously obvious.

Jesus is so kind.


Proverbs 20:24


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