Loving Everyone

Is impossible. You’re a finite human. It’s not actually what Jesus calls us to.

Three groups of people Jesus calls the disciple to love:

One another.  The people you’re doing this following Jesus thing with. Your small group.  Your church. Those you are on the narrow road alongside.  See here for what that could look like.

Your neighbour. Defined by Jesus as, ‘those who need help who come across your path’. Will sometimes be your actual neighbour. Many times it will be someone previously unknown to you.

Your enemy. The people who are in your life, who, if you’re honest, you don’t like. Maybe you hate them. And Jesus is specific about this – you pray for your persecutors, and in every interaction you seek to escalate upwards.

It takes the “love” thing from a wonderful ideal that we can all happily sign up to, but never actually live out, and turns it to an annoyingly practical command to lay down our own agendas and serve the people who we actually have contact with.  Especially those against us.

Pray today that the disciples will grow in love. And when the inconvenient opportunity arises, humble yourself and take it with both hands.


H/T Hugo Anson


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