Christians Should Be Ridiculously Annoying

Probably not to those around them – it doesn’t tend to make people feel loved.

But towards God in prayer, yes. Absolutely ridiculously annoying.

Like a 3 and a half year old who wants another sweetie annoying. Like the justice activist who’s still making the protest long after everyone else has moved on annoying. Like the ‘friend’ who rings saying, “I’m outside – you got a minute?”, when the kids are bedded down, the film’s just started and the wine has already been poured annoying.

Droning on and on, day after day, with the same bloody request.

It’s not that He’s reluctant. There’s just something about the spiritual reality that we live in that requires it.

The “ask, seek, knock” command is in the present continuous imperative. Go on asking! Keep on seeking! Keep knocking on the ruddy door!!

Disciple, pray again today about the issue you’ve given up on.

Matthew 7:7-11



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