The Red Rope

Hugo Anson has been an encouragement to me over the last 15 years. I met him 2002 (I think!) on a short term team he was leading out to Tanzania to further their child sponsorship programmes out there.

We’ve done other short term teams together since, to Tenerife and other places. Over the years I’ve tried to open the door to him to whichever community I’ve been a part of.  From Burgh Heath to Badajoz he’s been good enough to come and serve.

Last year, he came and visited the Well, and brought his Red Rope with him.  He’s been taking it everywhere he goes these past 18 months or so. It’s a symbol of the blood of Jesus.  He explains it, then invites people to come and write on a tag their own name, or the name of people they’re praying for, and tie it to the rope. It’s a simple and powerful symbol.

That day he spoke on Rahab, and the red cord she tied around her door post.  He blogged a bit about here – Giving Up (Or not).  Because he’d only been going a few weeks, the red rope looked something like this at that point:


Fast forward a year and a bit, he came and visited Croydon Vineyard. Again he spoke on prayer, on God showing up ‘just too late’, and invited people to put their tags on the rope.

The rope had been round the world by this point, and now looks like this:

red rope 1

red rope 2







Absolutely crammed with the heartfelt prayers of God’s people from many locations. A powerful picture of how we connect with heaven, through the blood of Jesus, and ask, seek and knock for those we love; how our prayers pile up before God’s throne. The stories of the prayers symbolised on this rope being answered are coming in.

I’m blogging, one, because this has some significance for me, and I felt I should log it.

And also to say, if you want to get a few people together to pray, it may be right to ask Hugo to come and speak and bring his red rope along.  You can get his contact details, and info about his organisation at  A few more Red Rope stories are on his blog here.  The audio recording of the Croydon Vineyard talk wasn’t great sound quality, but I’ve found another one ( which is below.  Well worth listening to.

Don’t give up in prayer until you really have to.


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