We fiddle about on our facebook feeds, that’s fine.

Let’s keep before us today though, that Yahweh is scrolling through the details of our heart profile.

Whilst we can edit and select that which we present publicly, there is no filtering or managing Jesus’ gaze.

And what he sees as we hold our hearts in the midst of life – promotion and demotion, laughter and weeping, disaster and delight, the mundane and the momentous – moves Him.

He may like it as we hold firm in the trial, he may love it as we keep our heart open to our brother. We surely amuse him as we chew over our plans. We also have the capacity to grieve him as we shut the door to him, and anger him as we unrepentantly trample on the oppressed. Incredibly we can also amaze him, in our moments of simple faith.


The snapshot is not the story.

It’s how we’re holding our hearts in the midst of life that really matters.

And, if we feel we’ve blown it on the heart front, there’s good news. We’re only a 180 turn from yay.

1 Samuel 16:7


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