Rent. Welcome. Speak.

It’s intriguing where the book of Acts ends up.  The process that Paul finds himself parked on.  After the tours, and through the trials, he gives himself to a three-fold pattern of life:

Rent a place. He was no stranger to shipwrecks and had done a lot of his ministry on the road.  Three weeks one place.  18 months another.  Back round again a couple of times.  But here (albeit under arrest) he rents.  He’s plugged in, without being totally permanent.  He’s self supporting, but not self enriching.  Part of the neighbourhood, but not part of the furniture.  He may well move on at some point, but he’ll be here next week.

Welcome people. He flings open the door to his rented abode.  He opens up.  He lives transparently.  He practices hospitality.  I’d imagine the floor of that place needed the bread crumbs sweeping up pretty frequently.  Not a commune maybe, but definitely a hive of community.  Strangers came in, and friendships were formed.

Speak about Jesus and the Kingdom of God. He didn’t just facilitate a hang out spot, he also spoke about the one hung on a tree. He did have an agenda – he wanted to share the news about Christ. He didn’t back away, he did it boldly and persistently, with individuals and probably living-room-crammed-to-the-walls groups.  He was there with a word.  The word was about Jesus.

Descriptive, not prescriptive…. But this is a great way to spend a couple of years, or a life, isn’t it?

Acts 28:30-31


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