10 Benefits

Washing Up

10 benefits for me of hosting a small group:

  • The discipline of having other adults through the flat most weeks keeps me honest in terms of keeping my place vaguely clean.
  • I run with a guy from the group before we start.  Again, keeps me honest in terms of keeping vaguely fit.
  • We eat a good, home cooked meal every week.
  • It gives me opportunity to welcome in strangers and practice hospitality. The strangers often turn in to friends.
  • We laugh.
  • The Sunday sermon inspires. The mid week mulling over of the mundane and the mucky moves me forward.
  • We open the Bible together and it keeps me honest – do I understand this? Am I living this out? Where do I need to change?
  • I feel sympathised with, supported and cheered on.
  • We pray for each other.  Unsurprisingly, over time, these prayers are answered: a shift happens in someone’s work, a door opens for someone, people find grace to persevere, and others in our circles are impacted.
  • I feel the presence of God. And it’s another of those, ‘hey, this isn’t dependent on a great synth player – He’s here!’

The list could go on.

In all seriousness – this is better than drugs isn’t it?!

Get involved people, get involved.


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