10%, more or less

At whichever level of income, the tendency of the human heart is to say, “If I just had 10% more… then I’d have enough, life would be better and I’d be happy”.

Ingenious then, that for millennia the people of God, prompted by the practice that He instituted, have given away the first 10% of their income. Making an “up yours” to the deceitfulness of wealth a regular practice, and setting their default to: ‘lean in to generosity and a placing of our faith in Immanuel not Mammon’.

Can you be a stony-hearted tither, bound by an ugly legalism?  Of course.

But would a wooed lover really withhold all they’ve received?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and a monthly tithe might just cut off the creeping cords of covetousness from taking control of your heart.


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