I say David

You say Goliath.

And understandably so. That account gives the highlight reel producers ample material. Just cue up the dramatic music as the stone slices through the air in slo mo; the giant’s eyes widening as he realises his fate.

You’ll have some victories like that in the course of your discipleship.  An obvious enemy is decisively defeated as you trust in the name of the Lord.

But perhaps only a chapter’s worth.

Maybe more helpful for you today is David’s example through the subsequent 15 chapters of trying to deal with an occasionally demonised line manager who at various points was out to kill him.

Developing integrity in circumstances that weren’t right (Saul’s a treacherous jerk), but weren’t his to put right (I can’t turn my slingshot on the Lord’s anointed).

Felling giants is part of your call, but it’s the day in day out, frustratingly slow, character formation (in less than ideal situations) that prepares you for all the Lord has.

So today, if you see a philistine mocking God, by all means take him down. My guess is you’ll have enough on just holding your heart rightly in the midst of the daily grind.  Win your victory there today.


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