Four Months In – TIP

Thumbs UpThank You – if you read Brimming Over or listen to the Podcast, a big thank you. I really appreciate it. Thumbs up.

Improvement – Going to do a little bit of work on distribution i.e. getting the blog / podcast in front of people. The tiny toe into that this month is opening up my twitter account @brimmingovernet. Up till now I’ve just used Twitter as a kind of personal online note book and not accepted follower requests.  As of today, I’ll be open to the public on there. This will put the blog in front of some more people and give those interested a little peak under the bonnet of brimming over – I link to stuff I’m reading, quotes I find interesting and put the occasional blog post in embryonic form out there. You’ll be able to see a link on the side of the brimmingover blog screen as well for non twits.

Twitter Screen shot

Please – So, if you’re part of the twitterati – do say ‘hello’ on there.  If you’re not – please do pray for the blog and the podcast this month.

Be blessed!

brimming over month 4



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