Gillett & Brims Podcast Episode 14 – Money

Gillett and Brims podcast_14

On this episode we talk money. Enjoy:

We start with the parable of the rich fool which you can read here.

Question of the episode – can you give us a biblical justification for having a mortgage?!

For all previous episodes and all information about the podcast check out the podcast page here.


One thought on “Gillett & Brims Podcast Episode 14 – Money”

  1. As coincidence would have it… I’m working on the design of a publication today with a ‘Who’s Who’ page. The final question people are asked is “If you won £1m today, what is the first thing you’d buy?”, 9 out of the 12 people say “Pay off my mortgage”/”Buy a house”… Sad? Or just the reality of life? There is no “Set up a charity to build water sources in the third world”… I guess people wouldn’t want to say that and sound like a do-gooder. I do understand. But as I say in the podcast, the ‘mortgage’ can become such a focus for our finances… (By the way, the other 3 who aren’t interested in housing, said “Round the world tickets”, “A pint to mull it over” and “Liposuction”!!).


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