On day 101 we deliberated about our daily practice.  At the halfway point of the year I want to wonder about our weeks.

We believe in weeks.  That somehow seven day periods are written in to this world.

So have a think about your weekly schedule.  Does it house what is truly important to you, or are secondary matters becoming driving forces?

Two things the scriptures seem to consistently nudge us towards –

1 Resting.  Is there a time in your week set apart for rest?  For unplugging, recharging, renewing and relaxing.  Sabbath was given for our benefit.

2 Gathering.  For millennia the people of God have found immense value in getting together to call on his name, look at his text, sing his songs and participate in his meal on a week by week basis.

There may be others as well for you.  Weekly doesn’t have the overwhelm of daily, but will make a huge difference to your discipleship.  Practising hospitality.  Fasting (food, media or other). A spend nothing day.  An intentional discipling relationship (mentoring, prayer partnership etc).  Creating something.  A family tradition. The possibilities are endless.

Have a wonder.  Prune one or two bits from the current weekly schedule.  Put one thing on.  Give it six months.


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