What we need in our suffering

isn’t an answer.

Philosophy and theology may take us some of the way in salving the wounds, but we know at a deep level they’re not going to take us all the way there.

We need an experience.

An encounter with Love himself.

Job’s friends sympathised and sermonised, but the questions remained unanswered and ultimately his eyes had to see.

The reason we’re going to hold on to hope in the midst of suffering, isn’t just our perseverance and our character.

It’s the very real present experience of the Holy Spirit pouring out love into our hearts.

Pray for those suffering today:

That bang in the middle of their circumstances they’d see and they’d savour, and their hearts would be stupendously soaked.


One thought on “What we need in our suffering”

  1. Yesterday I heard someone I’m working with tell me that his friend had just had her dissertation deleted for the second time. He had no idea what to say and I couldn’t think of anything either. I think it’s a great example of someone who’s suffering and doesn’t want wise words or an answer to the problem, just to be loved.


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