Hump Day

Genesis 1-3 gives us a helpful map for our working lives.

We were created and commissioned by a working God to work.  So we feel a deep sense of purpose and satisfaction at work. “I feel like I’m doing what I was made to do”, “It’s such a buzz being part of a team”, “I can see I’m making a positive difference to the lives of those around me”, “this just seems to ‘work’ – it’s so fruitful”.

Our work has been also been cursed. So we feel a deep sense of frustration and pain at work. “I feel exhausted and overwhelmed”, “They don’t pay me enough for this”, “My boss is a jerk”, “This just isn’t working”.

There’ll be jobs and seasons where one of these will seem to be more dominant – but often we’ll feel all of this simultaneously.  It’s where we live.

But as well as Creation and Curse, don’t forget today the more significant compass point “Christ”.

The one who’ll occasionally throw it up in the air by saying to the fisherman, “Come and fish men”.  And who’ll always be at work in your work place – conforming your character to His, and working through his Kingdom, making all things new.


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