Three Months In – TIP

A podcast themed TIP this month…

Thank You – as always thank you for your eyes – for passing them over my offerings. But particularly thank you this month for your ears – really grateful to all of you who are giving the Gillett & Brims Podcast a hearing. Cheers big ears!

ApplePodcastingLogoImprovement – Some improvements to the podcast… we now have a podcast page – – with all the details on.  Have also made our sound cloud page look respectable here , and the Big News… we are now on Itunes!  Search for “Gillett” or “Brims” on the Itunes store, in the podcast section, and you should find us. New episodes will be posted there as they go live (as well as the blog and soundcloud). Hopefully this makes it as accessible as possible for everyone.

Podcast PrintPlease – so a simple request this month: If you’ve enjoyed the podcast, and you have access to Itunes, please would you leave a Rating and / or a Review there for us. We’d be grateful!

Much love,


Brimming Over Month 3



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