“God’s been doing stuff in my life too”

Went up to Leicestershire for the bank holiday weekend to get together with one of my best friends – Edd, along with his family.

20 years ago or so we were flung together by our parents on one of those excruciatingly awful arranged playdates the day before we were due to start at the same secondary school together.  We didn’t like each other.

Over the next couple of years we grew on each other, and living just round the corner we formed a friendship based on frequent 280 bus journeys, endless racks of pool, and slating it each other – it was great.  Perhaps our parents had some idea of what they were doing after all.

Around 97 / 98 the heat was being turned up on my discipleship.  Experiences were being had, and conclusions were being drawn.  I knew it was time to repent and believe, and to start walking with Jesus.  One big problem – despite being best mates, I had carefully kept from Edd that I even went to church, let alone was starting to take it all seriously.

I went round his house one day, nerves causing me to play some terrible pool, and came clean:  “God’s been doing some stuff in my life, and I’m going to follow Jesus.”

Incredibly, he looked back at me and said, “That’s amazing, God’s been doing stuff in my life as well”.  Turns out he’d been attending church on the sly as well, and that Jesus was calling both of us.

Individually we were changed, and our friendship was also transformed.  For the next few years we had an amazing time, walking together, with another Friend in the mix- leading the way.

We’ve lived geographically distant over the last number of years, but that foundational stuff remains…

God is into friendship, and he does stuff in people’s lives.


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