All The Threes

Psalm 33:3

“Sing to him a new song;
    play skilfully, and shout for joy.”

The applications for the church band are obvious:

Keep bringing new songs to the table.  Great as it was, we don’t want to keep revisiting 2004 (or 1804) every song, every Sunday. There’s new songs to sing.  Please write and bring your own.

Play skilfully.  It’s much less distracting than playing badly.  Keep honing your skills.  Rehearse.  Work hard at it for us.

Shout for joy.  Please engage emotionally with it.  Be a bit wild.  Don’t hide your passion.  Lift it!  Leave a bit of yourself out there.

But this isn’t just about the 25 minutes on the Sunday.  It’s everything.  So when I write, may I try and find a new way to state the old truth.  May I work hard at doing it well – it’s of more service that way.  And may I try and give of myself a bit – sweat and shout and bare some soul.

And today, as we live:

What’s the new thing?

Whatever we are, let’s be good ones.

And don’t forget to shout for joy.



2 thoughts on “All The Threes”

  1. This post deserves a comment. It is so true. Recently during worship the Lord has been giving me new songs for the first time and I’m not a musician. It might also be due to the fact that I don’t hold anything back while expressing all my adoration to Him. The more I know God the more I understand that the willing and humble heart is what attractes Him the most. And when we’re willing and humble we can’t help but being really passionate. Gracias, Andrew!


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