Face Like Flint

Jesus didn’t dawdle in the general direction of Damascus, or saunter round Samaria.  He set his face towards Jerusalem.

He stubbornly marched into territory others considered their own.  He unrepentantly continued proclaiming there an incendiary message that made those in power so angry it repeatedly provoked them to arrange his execution.  He followed through not by inciting an uprising, but by taking the scorn, the stigma, the spit on his face and the spear in his side to unflinchingly demonstrate the agape of the Father towards his enemies.

This is what love looks like.

A resolute commitment to lay down our lives for the good of others, in the face of rejection, reproach and revulsion.

Love is incredibly hard-headed.

It demonstrates this determination not through domination or violence, but by continued self-giving service through suffering.

Chisel, chisel.  The Lord is working on you, making you a loving person… with a face like flint.




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