Dancing & Diligence

Two ways to interact with the Scriptures:

See it as part of your dance with the Lord.  I woke suddenly at 5:02, and felt I should read Psalm 50:2 and it brought life to me.  My dad says, “I read Joshua this morning, remember, don’t move to the left or the right”.  My daily Bible reading plan has something incredibly relevant to my situation.  The lady on the bus reads her child the Joseph story that I’d been studying.  The preacher pounds on my conscience as he opens up that scripture.  This is part of how the Lord interacts with us.  There’s a sense of his presence when we sing, a feeling of wonder at the sunrise, something shifts as we’re prayed for, a door opens when we knock, a dream warns us of trouble ahead and his word is interacting with our lives, beckoning us to continue the dance.  Don’t despise this.  Be increasingly open to this.

Also, day after day, year after year, the decades mount up, and we consistently chip away at gaining a more adequate understanding of the way of the Lord.  We get to grips with these books.  We get our bearings on the narrative, the history, the authors and the times.  We dive deep occasionally, chewing down to the marrow to get this goodness into us.  We abhor intellectual pride, but we cultivate our hunger to handle this life giving text well for the benefit of others and our own souls.  We inconvenience ourselves to get in front of good teachers opening this book up. We plod through an entry level commentary or two.  We take notes.  We take it seriously over the long haul.  Don’t neglect this.  Keep pursuing this.

Unction and understanding.  Anointing and analysis.  The dirt and the clouds.  Keep going for both.


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