The Wrestle

Two questions you’ll naturally be drawn to churn over yet again today:

How will we be satisfied?

How will we be seen?

It’s the inward ‘what will make us happy?’, and the outward ‘what will everybody think?’

Left unchecked, our lives are driven by these angsts.  They shove us away from the present. Pushing us into both managing the narrative of the past (that threatens how we’re seen) and focusing on the carrots in the future (which promise to satisfy).

Jesus gives his followers a very clear, simple and direct instruction about this ongoing mental treadmill:

“Stop running on it.”

Replace it with another search.

The Kingdom of God.

How will it be served?  How will it be seen?

Amazingly, there’s not just a Kingdom, but also a Father.  A father who’ll feed you, and frame you, as you follow this greater pursuit.

So, today. Right now, this moment.  Where’s the Kingdom of God?

Start running.


Matthew 6:25-34


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