Don’t lose that which cannot be stolen

That which we cling on to so desperately – relationships, reputation, health, children, job, accommodation, fun, success, money, legacy, even the very beating of our heart – is, in reality, beyond the strength of our arms to hold.  Though not immune from our influence, they ultimately lie outside our control. No one can honestly guarantee them for you through even today.

We do though have some things that no one can steal from us.  Things no flood can wash away, no terrorist destroy, no war rip apart, no government restrict.  Your dreams, your generosity of spirit, your integrity, your walk with your God.  No enemy can rob you of these things.  No circumstance can force them from us.  Only we can lose them, misplace them or foolishly exchange them. Ours to cherish or despise, to cultivate or corrupt. They are firmly within our grasp.

So sure continue to water your plants, work hard, enjoy life, give your heart fully to those that you love, but do heed the message of the prophets that continues to sound:

“Don’t lose that which cannot be stolen.”

“What good is it to gain the whole world, yet forfeit your soul?  What can you give in exchange for your soul?”

And if you fear that your “unstealable” has already been lost, left to one side for too long, or deemed ruined beyond repair – if you have breath in your lungs then it’s not too late.  There is a guy I know, Jewish, carpenter by trade.  He specialises in difficult restorations.  He works, and he whispers:

“Have a look!  I make all things new.”

Praying unexplainable peace, gritty hope, genuine love and ridiculous joy for everyone I know today.


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