Panama gives us a Peek

In the end, it will all be revealed.

Reputation management is the wrong game to be in. Hypocrisy will be hunted down. Secrets long buried will bubble back up, and will bite or bless accordingly.

So – one life. Go hard after God – in secret. Be harsh with the hypocritical tendencies in your own heart. Be wary of temptations to whisper – it’s all going to be shouted out. Express the same opinions regardless of audience. Develop an allergy to the love of applause.  Front up instead of saving face. These are critical issues in the disciple’s walk.

Tiny test: Can you hold joy in your heart while other people are holding a wrong opinion of you? Do you need to set it straight, or can you trust that Jesus will do so?


2 thoughts on “Panama gives us a Peek”

  1. This is tough for me brims. I feel I can end up “playing a role” around different people. The optimist in me says it’s to better relate. The realist says it’s because I’m scared they’ll reject the real me. It’s good to be reminded of the eternal perspective where everything we’ll be revealed.


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