“Don’t lie to him bruv…”

Croydon High Street.  Couple of months ago.  Sunday afternoon.

Out with a guy Josh from our church sharing Jesus at the Door with people.  Josh is fun to go with because his basic strategy seems to be: scan for the scariest looking blokes possible and go straight for them…

He starts chatting to a couple of young guys, and they open up to him as he shares his testimony.  He talks about how Jesus has delivered him from drugs, and then he talks about having suffered from anxiety.  As he says the word ‘anxiety’ I feel almost physically pulled towards the quieter of the two guys we’re speaking to.

When Josh finishes sharing, I borrow a bit of his courage and say to the quieter guy, “do you suffer from anxiety?  Are you running from someone or something?”  He shakes his head, looks blank, and says ‘nope’.  My crest began to fall, or whatever that feeling is called, when suddenly his mate shouts at him, “Don’t lie to him bruv!  This is God stuff! That’s spot on – this is God speaking to you!”

The quieter guy sheepishly admitted that yes, in fact, anxiety was the main issue in his life.  We had the privilege of praying with both of them, and God’s presence came. In Croydon high street with a couple of young guys who wouldn’t normally darken the door of a church we were all touched in some way by the Kingdom of God that afternoon.

Ministry times are more fun in the street.  It’s not totally a Genesis 3 kinda life.


2 thoughts on ““Don’t lie to him bruv…””

  1. Great News and this is also happening In Sutton, last time we went out people who you could expect a cold shoulder in the past from, the Hot dog trailer lady, a wired up chugger, A Muslim man, three young hairdressers the Say No Euro campianer and the blue haired ex homeless lady all opened there hearts and minds to Jesus and welcomed us to be pray for them.


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