Is it still a Genesis 3 kinda life?

So, your brother in Christ comes to you and says, “Jesus has redeemed me!  I’m not going to physically die!  I’ll just be swept up in to heaven like Enoch when my time here is done!”  Throws John 11:26 at you for good measure.

Your sister in Christ bounces up to you and beams, “I’m pregnant!  Isn’t it amazing I’m not going to experience pain in childbirth because Jesus has redeemed me from the curse of the law!”  Sends you a couple of links to ‘pain-free childbirth’ websites.

How do you respond?

What about when the newlyweds proclaim, “Thank God we won’t experience relational conflict like Adam and Eve!  We’re redeemed!”  Or the graduates state, “Thank Jesus for the fall-reverse!  A lifetime of fulfilling work and abundant provision here we come!”  All clutching their books from the Christian Living section of the Faith Mission book store?

If it’s nonsense, then in what sense is it that we’re now redeemed by Jesus?  Surely it isn’t all just for the age to come?  So what do we have now?

Think a bit harder today on the grand narrative – creation–fall–Israel –exile–Jesus–church–return–renewal et al.  What it means, where we currently find ourselves, and so how we live and how we love today.

Thoughts welcomed.


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