Decision Making Post-Eden

It’s no wonder Adam won the inaugural Eden flower bed contest.  It wasn’t just the lack of competition that left him in a perfect place to perform.

After Eden, clearcut decisions, starting from ideal conditions, arrived at after an afternoon’s face to face consultation with the Creator, are sadly few and far between.

What we often have are impossible decisions, starting from points of horrendous mess and brokenness (within and without), arrived at after wrestling with a text, seeing through a glass darkly, weighing the wisdom of flawed and broken advisers, whilst wondering if the seemingly relevant signs are providence or pot-luck.

So, we seek.

All the mental and emotional energy we’d naturally put into our life – how we’ll satisfy ourselves and how we’ll be seen by others – we redirect into asking ‘how can I best serve the Kingdom of God today?’

And some days you’re going to have to pound really hard on that.  It’s a search.  It’s a seeking.

It won’t be perfect seeds, into a perfect bed, under perfect conditions.

But it could still be breathed on by Yahweh…


Matthew 6:25-34


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