On whether disciples may have personal property

“It is of the greatest importance that this vice should be totally eradicated from the monastery.  No one may take it upon himself to give or receive anything without the Abbot’s permission or to possess anything as their own, anything whatever, books of writing tablets or pen or anything at all; for they are not allowed to retain at their own disposition their own bodies or wills, but they must expect to receive all they need from the Father of the monastery.  And so it must not be allowed that anyone should have anything which the Abbot has not approved.  Everything should be common to all, as it is written, and no one should call anything his own or treat it as such.  But if anyone is found to be entertaining this wicked vice, he should be warned once, and a second time; if he does not amend, he should undergo punishment.”

Chapter 33 of The Rule of St Benedictst benedict

Sounds strange.  But who are the weird ones?  This bloke is still bearing fruit for Jesus 1500 years after his death.



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