The Unforgettable Night

So this great guy has a crazy idea: one amazing night for everyone he loved – so he did the unthinkable and sold all he had to pay for this party. He and his mate prepared for this for months – he wanted to blow his friends away with the best night they’d ever experienced.  The venue was set, the food was being lavishly prepared, the DJ was pumped and primed.  It was good to go.

On the week of the party the texts and messages started to beep in on his phone.  One after the other, his guest list began to bail on him.  Friends and relatives dropped like flies.  “Sorry boss, can’t make Saturday – I’ve got football on Sunday and need to be in good shape.”  “Mate, I’m soooo sorry – we’re viewing some flats on Saturday the other side of town – we’ll come to the next one – promise.”  “Honey – I’ve got a date on Saturday night!!  He looks really hot! So sorry I can’t make your thing! X x” “Dang it – masters essay due in on Monday – need to cram – soz.”  “Mate – we managed to get tickets for that gig on Saturday – real shame it clashes!  We’ll go for a drink soon though yeah?”

Absolutely fuming, they guy said to his mate, “Let’s just go around the town – we’ll pick up anyone who’s free.  There’s no way this party isn’t happening – I’ve put everything I’ve got into it.  We’ll get those drunks from outside the station, the rough young guys who couldn’t get into the pub, those foreigners who aren’t sure where they are.  Those homeless blokes – don’t forget them.  Oh yeah, and the mad woman who waits for the 167 bus that’s never going to come!  Bring them all in – let’s go!”

8.30 or so, the party, this group of misfits, miscreants and so called migrants, were really starting to have a good time.  The host said – “mate, there’s still room!  More people need to get in on this!  Go out again – don’t miss out the scummy places – I want the heroin addicts and the hookers, the crack heads and the ex-cons, the weirdos and the freaks, the $%@! ups and the failures, those who’ve been kicked out of their house, people who shouldn’t be out at all – anyone and everyone!  Don’t take no for an answer – get them in!  I want this place crammed!

The only people I don’t want to see being served smoked salmon and throwing shapes are those who spurned us – I mean, were they ever really our friends in the first place?”

The Kingdom of God is like this.

Luke 14:15-23.


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