You need help

No, seriously, you do.

Your head is rightly held high, but that doesn’t mean you can do this walk alone.

Because it’s through many trials that we enter the party.  You’ve recently exited, are bang in the middle, or are just about to enter the tremendously tough tutorial of the trial.

So, dear reader, without knowing you, and even with contrary evidence supplied by your facebook feed, it’s odds on that you’re finding life difficult right now.

Two asks you need to make today:

“Jesus, please help me.”  He’s really good at this.  Try Him.  Call on his name.  See what He does.  Repeat until He’s calmed the storm – external or internal, preferably both.

To other people say, “I need help”.  Don’t isolate.  Look someone you trust in the eye, open up on your fears and failures.   Repeat until you’ve been heard, hugged and helped.

Head held high, ask for help today.


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