Woeful Wednesday

Judas, how could you??  What were you thinking?  This is the Messiah!  You’ve watched him up close for three years – seeing blind eyes opened, the lame walk, the dead raised.  Heck – you’ve preached and healed people yourself.  You’ve heard the greatest teaching ever… had a front row seat to the Kingdom of God coming.  This is Jesus.  How could you?!  For money?!  And not even that much!!  What were you thinking?  How could you?

Yet, we know how he could, don’t we?  Because we’ve done it many, many times ourselves.  Crashed out when the crunch week came.  Traded in a tough time with Jesus for a bit of quick titillation or some little trinket.  Took the short term fix instead of the fellowship of his suffering.  Pocketed a bit of cash in place of taking up our cross.  Aligned ourselves with the status quo, though it conspires to kill Jesus.  Isn’t Judas one of the people most easily relatable to this holy week?

All disciples betray Jesus.

We betray him at the worst time for the worst reasons.

Maybe we don’t kiss him for cash, but we’ve all fled during his time of need.

We can deal with the guilt and regret of this by bringing our own judgement on ourselves.  Tragically and unnecessarily cutting short our life like Judas.

Or, like Peter, we can weep bitterly over the evil that’s been exposed in us, but dig our fingernails into hope.  Despair of ourselves, but trust that Jesus, our bloodied, broken and betrayed Jesus, still might just have something for us.

Who knows, it might not be that long till barbecues on the beach.


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