Whether spacious or narrow

For some of us, walking with Jesus is a spacious place right now.  It’s a great big park where you can’t even see the fences.  There’s options, sunshine, joy and freedom.  You can woosh down the slides, swing on the monkey bars, enjoy your ice cream.  Hey, take your top off and swing it round your head if you fancy, why not?  You’re running around a spacious place.

For others of us, we’re currently super aware of how narrow the path of discipleship is.  It’s struggling over stepping stones in the middle of a storm.  The next rock is barely visible and we’re not sure we’re going to reach it.  It’s chiselling away hard at us, cutting into the very core of who we are.  It’s carrying an instrument of Roman execution on our weary shoulders and fighting to get through to the end of the day.

Both of these extremes, along with every shade in between, are totally valid in the life of the disciple.  Both will be being used by the Master Craftsman to form your heart and make you more like Jesus.  The One acquainted with grief, anointed with joy and absolutely unflinching in his commitment to lay his life down for a lost world in service and love.

So, whether you’re enjoying or enduring today, lean in to Him.


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