Practice what you preach.
Help people, ahead of getting heavy with them.
Do good stuff in secret.
Walk away from being famous in the church.
Avoid title and position,
seek service and humility.
Enter in to the Kingdom of God,
and ensure you yourself are thoroughly converted.
Stop looking for loopholes –
be mindful of the greatness of God.
Keep the main things, the main things –
justice, mercy and faithfulness.
Focus on getting your inside clean
through pursuing generosity and self-restraint.
Really pay attention to your inner life –
ensure it is life in there, and not death.
Honour the heroes that have gone before
not by putting up their statues,
but by living out their principles.
Get humble enough to be teachable –
open the door of your life wide
to prophets, sages and teachers.
Shout aloud: “Blessed is he,
who comes in the name of the Lord.”

A spin on Matthew 23


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