Your Ally

Many things may come against you.

There is a big weapon for you though.

Serving your good, furthering your purpose. There to encourage and replenish you.

It’s been written in since the beginning that it would be ‘for you’.


Disciple, life can be hard enough – don’t neglect one of your biggest allies.

The Emergency Prayer Request

Disciple, if you’re around for some decades you’re going to get thousands of these.

“John’s been taken to hospital”

“Rachel’s sister lives in the path of the severe weather”

“There’s been a terrorist attack”

“I’m feeling awful.”

You could take these on board. Worry about them. Cause them to continually provoke existential doubt. Forward them on to others.

Or, you could actually pray about them.

Simply, succinctly, secretly lay them before the Father, and ask Him to move. Β There may be a pause, a sense of the need to continue praying, or spend some time listening to the Spirit. Or maybe not, and you just move on with the day.

But disciple, you’ll get a lot of these – so have a go to place for them. Β His response to our feeble, whispered prayers really does shift things.

Bring Your Songs

There’s just something about it when your community brings its own songs.

Here’s the squad I’m part of singing one of ours:

Start writing some stuff, put it before the group, have some lunch, play around with it some more, keep honing it, go away, bounce them round a whattsapp, try again, accept they won’t all be good, celebrate the successes.

Disciple, bring your songs.

Settle It First

Disciple, be at absolutely liberty to pour out your requests before the Lord any time day or night.

It’s so worth, though, taking as long as necessary today (and again tomorrow) to settle in your heart:


You’re not in this alone (Our)

You’re perfectly fathered (Father)

There’s a paradise that’s invading (in heaven)

The respect of God’s name is paramount (hallowed be your name)

The Father is a King, and His Kingdom is arriving (your kingdom come)

The Father has an agenda, and it’s good (your will be done)


The Master said, when you pray, begin like that.