Walk On

Jesus isn’t interested in maintaining your respectability.  Keeping your perfect run going.  Prolonging the splendid narrative of your lovely Christian life. Sorry about that.

He’s after making all things new.  Including you.

He won’t shrink from letting you walk through brokenness.  He may or may not have caused it, but he’ll absolutely use it.

Disciple, we follow not a super-apostle, but a suffering servant. Limp on today.

032 – Find Rest In Me

Tired? Stressed? Weary? Feeling completely overwhelmed? Weighed down by expectations you feel you can never fulfil? Is the run for respectability ruining you? Or religion being rammed down your throat?

Come to me!  I’ll give you rest!  Refreshment down to the very depths of your soul!

Attach yourself to me, get involved with what I’m doing, be my apprentice and learn from me. I’m gentle, not overbearing, humble in heart, ready to serve. You’ll find complete reconciliation in me – real rest.  There’s an ease to the way I work; the burden is light.

What are you waiting for? I’m here!


Matthew 11:28-30 as part of the SAS project

Piercing the Plod

Thinking of those shepherds who washed their socks that night…

Boring life that – watching sheep.  A fairly predictable plod.  Not that interesting of a dinner party response.  Harder work than you’d ideally like.  Stuck with the same colleagues for years on end. That little bit less rewarding than you feel you deserve.  It’s what your dad did, and then what your son will do after you’ve gone.

Then one ordinary night angels appear in the sky, and tell you about Jesus.

It’s back to the shepherding the next day, and again the days after. The mainstream media haven’t noticed. The powerful and the popular are unperturbed.  But you know – the plod has been pierced.  There’s more to all this than you thought.  There’s a greater reality than the daily grind – and it’s close enough to grab. There’s hope on this hillside now.  And it’s because of this baby born in bethlehem.

All over the earth, amongst the obscure and the unimportant, the daily plod is still being pierced by the message of the Prince of Peace.  You might not always be picking up on it, but everything is being changed by the proclamation of his arrival in that manger.  Good news of great joy has come to you.