New Project

Ok, need to adjust.

I’ve got a bible reading plan I’m excited to fail at in 2018…

It’s reading through the New Testament – as in actually reading it out-loud, and then doing a 1 min thought / encouragement / preach about it.

Like all this sort of stuff – it’s for me.  It puts me on the hook (which I find a helpful motivation), it’s a difficult but doable task, it’s something new (I’ve not read out-loud before), it’s gives me a practical daily way of sharpening my gift.  If it helps a few others as well – great!

I’ll be putting the audio recording of the daily reading on soundcloud, the short video on instagram, and collect them both to publish through the blog (which also goes to Facebook).  Go for whichever way is easy to keep up with for you.

I’m going to practice between now and the end of the year, using the Psalm / Proverbs daily readings.  This will help me discover any pitfalls and perils in the process, and give me a bit of practice before going full-New-Testament-ahead on January 1st.

It might not work.  Quality of thoughts shared will vary.  I may miss a day.  These kind of reasons not to do good things have become increasingly small to me. Just one life – let’s have a go!

Day 271 – Psalm 114 below (if reading on email – you may need to click through)



Day 312 – Proverbs 27:5-14

Read Proverbs 27:5-14

Listen to Proverbs 27:5-14

Watch my one minute on Proverbs 27:5-14

Day 311 – Psalm 120

Read Psalm 120

Listen to Psalm 120

Watch my one minute on Psalm 120