One Year of Posting Daily


Yesterday marked a full year of posting on this blog every single day.

From trying to persuade prostitutes in East Croydon, to the odd podcast with my pal, a sprinkling of parables, a lot of ponderings, the SAS project, a few pictures, picking up passed out Venezuelans, and plenty on how the Prince of Peace picks up the pieces – everyday I’ve hit publish.

If you’re following along – THANK YOU for your attention and your encouragement. I hope it’s been helpful for you.

No plans on stopping. So, if there’s anyone you know this could be of help to – do give them a nudge to sign up for emails below:

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See you tomorrow.

Big love,



Image credit – Austin Kleon, Show Your Work

He’s opened our hearts

so we open our homes.

Sure, sometimes with a huff and a puff.  A ‘have we got enough?’ A nagging feeling that Netflix might have on something we fancy.

But we press on, week after week, year in, year out.

“Hey, there’s a few of us having dinner at my place on Tuesday… do you want in?”

It’s our practice.  We follow the One who came eating and drinking, who lived amongst us and prepares a place for us.

He’s opened our hearts, so we open our homes.


1 Peter 4:9

The Headline

Over you is along the lines of –

There’s a gracious God! He loves you.

The opening paragraph might be something like –

He sent his wonderful Son who gave his life as a ransom for many and then rose from the dead. He’s poured out His Spirit abundantly and He’s making ERL8_EXTRA_74553901all things new.

Sure, maybe there’s a couple of bits tucked away in an article in page 27 that you aren’t totally comfortable with in terms of how exactly they fit in with your life…

But hold on to the headline.

Disciple, the headline over your life today is a really really good one.



There was blessing in taking 10-15 minutes to think through the sheet above, and then chat and pray it through with a trusted friend.

How’s your physical health?

How’s your emotional health?

Using the grid of UP (worship), IN (relationships), OUT (mission) – how’s life at the moment?

Time well spent.

Disciple, you could do this today.

A Culture of Invitation

We see again and again in the scriptures, the Lord’s ongoing invitation to His people causes and enables them to, in turn, be a people of invitation.

We eat with people.

We open the door of our home.

We welcome people into our community.

We share our lives with people.

We invite people to follow Jesus with us.

Unperturbed by the inevitable rejections, compelled by the truth of the upcoming banquet, we go on issuing invites liberally…

All are welcome,

there’s this Host you’ve just got to meet!

The Great Temptation

It’s been said that the great temptation of our age is the temptation to look good… without actually being good.

Again and again, whilst we’re fretting over our reputation management, the Master calls us to the roots, to the foundations, to the heart… with the knowledge that the fruit inevitably takes care of itself, and that in any case there is One who sees all and judges accordingly.

Disciple,  the invitation is to continually make space for Jesus to go to work on your heart.