The Parable of the Farmers

Two neighbouring farmers, and each to their own.

One upright in every way.  Up on time, devotionals done, healthy breakfast.  Kisses the children goodbye, and works very hard.  But never sows his seed.  Loves his wife, loves his mum.  Polite to a fault, the nicest guy in town.  Stays out of trouble, and early to bed.  Correct theology. But he hasn’t sown his seed.

The other, a complete bastard in almost every way.  Out drinking all night, before crashing all day.  But through the hangover haze, he stumbles outside and recklessly flings his seed over the ground.  Comes back in, kicks the cat, just before cursing the missus.  Crooked theology, messier kitchen.  But he’s sown some seed.

Which farmer reaps a harvest?

Video – Keeping On

Made a video for my friends from summer camp.  It’s an encouragement to kick on, as ‘real’ life kicks back in.  Thought it would benefit a wider audience.  Enjoy!

Need more?

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PS. thanks to Pixelbig Photography for making the video look good atleast😉

025 – Keep on Asking

Keep presenting your requests to the Father. Go on seeking Him. Bang away on His door, and bang some more! Requests get dealt with. Searchers end up as finders. Knocked doors are opened wide. Who gives their kid a knife to play with, when they were asked for a toy?  Which parent hands out spiders when all they’ve been asked for is sweets? So, if you flawed, fragile and finite parents know how to respond well to the legitimate requests from your children, how much better is the perfect Father going to respond to your good requests?!  Keep on asking!

Matthew 7:7-11 as part of the SAS project

What are you holding

As you speak of Jesus?

Not a microphone, at least not the vast majority of the time.

Think, rather, of the coffee mug, or perhaps a pint glass.


The message spreads though us primarily as we share with the people we actually encounter, in the midst of the ongoing conversations we’re already embroiled in.

Praying for boldness and clarity today, as we take any opportunities to provide some explanation for the hope that we have.

Regularly Divulging Our Darkness

As this small group, band of brothers stuff develops  I pray you’ll begin to find yourself with a few people you can be brutally honest with. Searingly open what’s really going on with you.  As in, “this is the specific evil in me” honest.

Part of what walking in the light means is disclosing our darkness.

Whether trusted friends, a spiritual director figure, investing in an accredited counsellor, or crashing a catholic confessional – this practice is worth all the time, money and emotional investment you can throw at it.

“I did this….”

“This is is developing….”

“I’m conflicted about…”

“I didn’t do that…”

“I’m addicted to….”

It’s medicine.  Sadly more in the pulling splinters-out than gulping calpol way, but it does us such good.

Freedom is found in the open.  Disciple, when’s the last time you went there?

“if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin. If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” 1 John 1:7-9

The Mark 1 Masterpiece

Mark 1:1-15 – the prelude to the prelude.

It’s an historical account…

and also a work of art.

Like an epic opening scene in a classic film, or a deceptively simple masterpiece hung in the National Gallery. Alluding to its grand themes, alluring its readers.  Perfectly crafted, sublimely succinct, it outlines the big picture and dazzles with the details.

Skim it in 30 seconds, but dig for treasure and you’ll be here for 30 years.

Take a ‘throwaway’ prop, like the wild animals in the wilderness (verse 13). Let it lead you back to the two ‘wild animal’ references in Hosea 2, and marvel at this magnificent motif, masterfully maneuvered by Mark. This detail sings to those with ears to hear – Jesus comes as a bridegroom to restore all things.

Mark 1:1-15 might look like a puddle to you, but dive in, and you’ll find yourself in a deep sea of refreshment.

Disciple, dive deep from time to time.